Know Who We Are

About Us

The Maryland Baseball Club is a club/travel program based in Harford County, Maryland but provides opportunities for players throughout the entire state and region. The program offers competitive teams for ages 9 through 17. Each team competes in league games and/or high level tournaments and consists of coaching staffs with backgrounds as high school coaches, college coaches, college players, and/or extensive youth coaching experience. Additionally we offer a variety of instructional development programs ranging from camps and clinics to individual instruction. Our program includes continuous, year-round training options for our players. In an effort to build the complete baseball athlete, in addition to our many baseball specific programs, we also have affiliations with some of the best Sports Performance Coaches in the area to offer our players opportunities to improve their strength, speed, explosiveness, and overall athleticism through baseball specific training. We also provide a college recruitment program for our high school age players. This program assists players interested in playing collegiate baseball get recruited.

More About Our Program

  • Each team features a Head Coach that is a former or current college or high school coach, former collegiate player, extensive youth coaching experience, and in most cases a non-parent. 
  • Teams primarily play in local and regional competitive tournaments. 
  • Teams are built on teaching the fundamentals and developing each player to play at a high level. 
  • Variety of training programs offered throughout the off season and in season such as position specific development clinics
  • Flexible Payment Plan
  • Teams train at state of the art facilities such as The Ripken Experience in Aberdeen, MD and the CR Sports Zone in Joppa.

Program Features

College Exposure Program
Players on our exposure teams (15u, 16u & 17u) will receive a variety of resources to guide them through the college recruiting process. These resources include participation in the top area exposure events, personalized recruiting video and player profile, informative recruiting seminar, individualized recruiting road map and plan including unlimited assistance and guidance. All this at no additional charge!

Player Development Program
We offer weekly player development programs throughout the winter months and season including, but not limited to, small group clinics, and position specific clinics.
Unlimited Video Analysis of Any Skill
Our players will have the ability to submit to our coaching staff unlimited video of them performing any skill and receive feedback as well as corresponding drills to improve those skills. Consider this unlimited virtual private lessons.
Alumni Program
Our alumni program provides those who have committed to our program for at least 2 years, graduated from our program (played at least 17u), and currently playing college baseball, an opportunity to train and practice with one of our exposure or college prep teams during the summer months at NO COST! 

2024 Estimated Spring/Summer Financial Commitment

There is a lot of misinformation regarding club/travel sports, specifically the reasoning behind the varying costs of different organizations. Our goal is to always keep our pricing as low as possible. The reality is, as a private club/travel program we incur certain costs just to exist that other programs such as your local rec/travel programs do not. We understand the financial commitment to play in our program can be a huge one for most but we believe the opportunity to train at great facilities, receive high level coaching, experience the best development program in the area, play in competitive events, receive the most comprehensive college recruiting program in the area and the overall experience you will have will be well worth it!

We also believe in full transparency. Therefore we have listed below our ESTIMATED 2024 spring/summer team player fees. Fall fees will be made available if you are offered a spot on one of our teams but these fees typically range from $400-$1,000. 

**Please note due to so many factors that go into the final cost of a team such as number of tournaments, number of players kept on a roster, etc. these are estimated costs. Because most tournament venues do not release their schedule until later fall/early winter it is impossible for us to give an exact number until we know those exact costs. 

10u – 11u – $1,000
12u – $1,200
13u – $1,500
14u – $1,600
15u Exposure Team – $1,800
16u – 17u/18u Exposure Teams – $1,900


These fees include everything EXCEPT UNIFORMS. Our base uniform package typically costs less than $150 but varies from team to team. The reason we don’t include uniforms is because we do not require players to purchase uniforms year after year or items a player does not need such as pants, belt, socks, etc. 

Why such an increase in cost per age group? While all our teams receive the same quality coaching and access to facilities, the events at the older age groups we attend cost more which reflects the higher cost at our older age groups. Our exposure teams mostly attend showcase events which costs almost double that of a standard tournament and receive a comprehensive recruiting package and that cost reflects what is provided. See our exposure program page for details. 

Payment Plan

The Maryland Baseball Club understands that the financial commitment to participate in travel/club level baseball can be challenging. Therefore we offer very flexible payment options to assist with the cost. Below you will find those options. 

How Our Payment Plan Works

1. Choose a Payment Option that works best for you 

2. After completion of our registration form, an electronic invoice will be sent via email. The invoice will come from ‘SportsEngine’ and not Maryland Baseball Club. As a result it could end up in a junk folder.

3. The invoice you receive will be for the highest estimated cost of your team. You will only be required to submit a $300 deposit at the time of receipt.

Please note, we invoice for the highest estimated cost as it is easier to credit accounts than to ask for more money at a later date. It’s impossible for us to know for sure the exact amount a team will cost due to not knowing the cost of most of our expenses until later in the fall/early winter. Final costs will be determined shortly after the New Year. In some cases team costs end up being at the higher estimated number and other cases slightly lower. This may mean paying more at the beginning but having your later payments lowered. Should your fee be lower than what you are being invoiced for, a credit will be applied to your account for the difference.

4. Your deposit will be due immediately. You will than be placed on an AUTOMATED PAYMENT SYSTEM for all remaining payments. This means all payments will be automatically withdrawn from the same account used to pay your deposit. 

Payment Plan Options Consist Of:

1. Monthly Plan
2. Bi-Monthly Plan
3. Pay Half Up Front/Other Half By April 1
4. Custom Payment Plan